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Here’s what thousands of consumers are quickly learning about paying off their debt:

When Americans visit Accredited Debt Relief, they may be surprised to learn that people have been able to resolve their debts in as little as 24-48 months* through their program. What’s more impressive is that you could resolve your debt for less than what you owe today. With millions of Americans still suffering from credit card debt, it’s time Americans start learning and taking advantage of this service.

A Choice Many Don’t Think Of:

The first choice many consumers think of is to take out a debt consolidation loan. For those with good credit, this is an attractive option but there’s a catch: lenders are only happy to give out loans to people who are creditworthy and can show the ability to make loan payments. Unfortunately, people with poor or fair credit often do not qualify for this option.

This is bad news for the millions who are faced with high interest and unpayable debt. Their debt only continues to accumulate. Fortunately, there is a solution. This debt relief option is available to all qualified individuals regardless of credit. With help from the right debt relief company, you could design a program you can actually afford.


Who Should I Work With?

Accredited Debt Relief is one of the most reputable companies in the industry with years of proven experience. To date, Accredited Debt Relief has conducted over one million consultations, and have successfully helped clients across the majority of the U.S. get back on track financially by reducing their unsecured debt. To find out if you qualify, simply answer a few questions about your debt and financial circumstances. It only takes a few minutes to get a free, no-obligation quote online. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with a certified debt consultant to review your specific situation and learn more about your options. Stop overpaying on your debt and find out how you can finally tackle it for good. Click for Your Free Estimate

Maria D., Florida

I don’t have any ideas on how [Accredited Debt Relief could] improve, because I think everything and everyone I spoke to was perfect. [They] knew what they were talking about, [were] very helpful, and able to set you on the right path. I would definitely recommend anyone with this dilemma to give them a call...thank you for everything.

Chris P., Massachusetts

The representative was very professional, and explained the entire process. All my questions were answered. They called the following day to follow up, and asked if there were any other questions. The email documents were easy to fill out. It’s great to know the[re] are legitimate companies that are here to help, and don’t charge outrageous fees and set-up costs.

Jack A., Pennsylvania

[My representative] is an outstanding professional, as he provided the services I needed to resolve my debt. He was punctual and accurate in his account of explaining the program. Further, [he] had compassion because I was on a fixed income, and he did an outstanding job relaying that information [to the people processing] my application.


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