How to Save on Prescriptions in 2021

Prescriptions have gotten too expensive for too many people, even with insurance.

Did you know that 41% of Americans struggle to afford their family’s medications, and that 1 in 5 prescriptions are left at the pharmacy counter because they cost too much?

For a long time, there was no easy way to compare prescription drug prices.

Now, all that is changing. Thanks to this new startup, GoodRx, you can compare prices on prescription drugs, just like you would for travel or electronics, to find amazing savings. Since 2011, GoodRx has saved Americans over $20 billion on prescription drugs. Today, 15 million people visit GoodRx every month to find savings on healthcare.

What exactly do you need to do? Here is one easy rule to follow.

You have to try GoodRx Gold. Don't even consider getting prescriptions without checking this first. Imagine you have a monthly prescription for generic Lipitor. You could be paying very close to $84.54. But with a membership program like GoodRx Gold, you’d only pay $4.95. That’s 94% savings. It’s likely that this low price may even beat a good co-pay. Compared to retail prices, the average Gold member saves about $240 a month, an average of $106 per prescription.


Consumers don’t always realize that they may be overpaying for prescription drugs. If you haven't checked out GoodRx Gold, even if you have insurance, you could still be paying too much. Fortunately, millions of smart consumers have used GoodRx Gold to save on their prescriptions.

“I don't have insurance, and my medications used to cost me $300 a month. That has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. One prescription alone used to cost me $67, and now I pay $14. GoodRx Gold couldn't possibly be more worth it!”

It’s really no wonder that with so many consumers saving money, GoodRx is gaining momentum. GoodRx is an efficient source that tries to give consumers the lowest prices with tools you can trust. Just imagine what you could do with the money you save!

Here's How You Do It:

  1. Simply click below to get started.

  2. After you sign up, you'll get a digital card to use immediately, followed by a physical card in the mail.

  3. Put money back into your pocket every month!


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